Tutorial: Easily managing your backups with Livedrive

When Livedrive Backup was first launched, the mission was to make it as easy as possible to install and set up. When you first install Livedrive on your PC or Mac, you get asked exactly which folders you want to protect:

Welcome Wizard - Select Backups

… and then if you want to backup any other folder in future you just right click on it and select “Backup with Livedrive Backup”:

Backup with Livedrive Backup

… and it’s all done. As soon as a folder is selected for backup, Livedrive starts protecting your files in the background. Any new files you save in that folder, or any files that you change, will be backed up in almost real time – it’s that easy.

Many people don’t realise that it’s also just as easy to review and manage your backup sets – for example to see which folders are backed up, or to stop backing up certain folders. To do this, simply open the Livedrive Control Panel from your Start Menu or Desktop and go to the Services tab:

Services tab in Livedrive Control Panel

… and then click on Manage Backup Settings. A window like this will appear:

Manage Backup Settings

This screen gives you a full picture of exactly what Livedrive Backup is doing and which folders are being protected. A green tick against a folder means it’s backed up, while a green box indicates that the folder is not backed up, but contains folders further down that are backed up. If you click on a folder then Livedrive will give you a summary of where it is up to with the backups – saying “Not selected for backup” if the folder is not selected to be protected, “Scheduled for backup” if the folder is selected but the files have not yet uploaded, and “Backed up” if the files are up-to-date online.

You can also change your backup settings from this screen – tick on any ticked folder to stop Livedrive from backing the folder up, or tick on any unprotected folder to add it to your backup sets. When you’re finished, click on “OK” and Livedrive will instantly start backing up your selected folders in the background.